What We Have

I mostly do remote recording, although I can record acoustic only (guitar/keys/vocals or direct electric guitar/bass) at my apartment, which is located near Kedzie and Lawrence in Chicago.  I own Sonar 7 and Pro-Tools LE, if you have a preference between the two.

Microphones/ DI Boxes

Shure SM-81 (2)

Shure SM-57 (2)

Oktava MK-012

Rode NT1A

Audix D6

AKG D590

Groove Tubes GT-66

Groove Tubes GT-55

Studio Projects B1

Pro-Co DI


AKG K-55

Beyerdynamic DT770

Sennheiser HD-580

Mustard Seed headphone amp

Symetrix SX204 headphone amp


Sonar 7 Producer Edition

Pro-Tools M-Powered

Front End

FMR Really Nice Preamp

Presonus Digimax FS

M-Audio Firewire 1814

Behringer Xenyx 12 channel sub/monitor mixer


Mackie HR-824 studio monitors

Other Gear

FMR Really Nice Leveling Amplifier

FMR Really Nice Compressor

M-Audio Flying Cow DAC

Furman Power Conditioner

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter

Stedman Proscreen Pop Filter

Hosa Word Clock

Lots of mic stands and cables