How do I know if Gargamel Records is right for me?

If you're looking to record a demo (2-3 songs), or a full length limited distribution on a tight budget, then Gargamel Records might be your best option.  If you have the $3,000 plus to cover costs at a professional studio (9 tracks plus), then please, go there.

How much does a demo cost at Gargamel?

See "Rates and Services" page.

Why are you so cheap?

Because I have limited equipment available, it will take longer to get a good sound.  Longer does not translate into more cost for you- I allow for the added time when I make an estimate.  I also did not spend my future life savings on my education and equipment- that means I can afford to do this very cheaply.  I also LOVE to record music, and if I see that you are passionate about your music, chances are I will catch that passion as well.  I will put just as much effort into the smallest solo acoustic demo that I would put into a full band.

What experience do you have?

I did my internship at a pro recording studio in Evanston, and I've spent time learning recording at two other studios as well, along with my own experience working with musicians at school and at home.  You can download examples on the media page.. 

Why can't I just do it myself?

You can.  But, unless you 1. Have someone who has honest recording experience, and 2. Have access to decent gear, it will probably sound very bad.  If you record with me, I will be more than willing to talk to you during every step of the recording process, and teach you as much as I know, so that hopefully you will be able to record your own demo the next time, if you so desire.

How do I contact Gargamel Records?

You can call Nate at 773-450-2972

Instant Message - Justsayswell

Email nate@gargamelrecords.com